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Plätzwiese high plateau


To Plätzwiese high plateau

The Plätzwiese is a high plateau at an altitude of 2,000 meters, with overwhelming panoramic views of the nearby mountains Dürrenstein and Hohe Gaisl and from there to the more distant peaks of Monte Cristallo and Tofane. On the Plätzwiese High plateau visitors experience nature and peace. Not least because of its inclusion in the Nature Park Fanes-Senes-Braies this jewel, surrounded by majestic peaks, has retained its unspoilt nature.

Between 11.04 - 10.06. the Prato Piazza can be reached all day.


What you should know

Between 11.04. - 10.06. Prato Piazza can be reached all day by car. If the car park at Prato Piazza is full, access may be refused. The car park in Brückele/ Ponticello can then be used. The remaining 6 km must then be walked.

From 10.7. to 10.9.2023 the Pragser Tal valley can only be reached between 9.30 AM and 4.00 PM by public transportation, on foot, by bicycle or on presentation of an online - reservation or a valid transit permit.


You can find the currently open huts here.

Between the beginning of April and mid-June there is no public transport to Prato Piazza. The ascent with your own car is possible at any time during this period.

There are car parks in Brückele/Ponticello. Fees apply. Until 10.06. parking is free of charge on the Plätzwiese.

There is a year-round ban on the passage of private buses and campers.

Private buses can travel as far as Brückele (6km before Plätzwiese high plateau).  There is limited parking for coaches.

For general information about the safety measures in South Tyrol see here.