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Lago di Braies (Pragser Wildsee) Lake is situated in the middle of Fanes-Senes-Braies (Fannes-Sennes-Prague) Nature Park. Nestled into a wild and romantic rocky valley basin and dominated by the majestic Croda del Becco (Seekofel) Peak, this is the most beautiful lake in the Dolomites. An easy trail encircles the lake; the loop takes about 90 minutes to walk. On the right side, this circuit trail passes a small chapel in the muted shade of spruce, larch and pine trees. The eastern part of the trail goes over steps. Croda del Becco Peak is beautifully reflected in the lake. Lago di Braies is known as the Pearl of the Dolomite Lakes.

Attention: From 11/09/2020 the traffic regulations are no longer in place, the Pragser Wildsee Lake can be visited at any time

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A mask or comparable mouth and nose cover must be worn at the Pragser Wildsee Lake. It is recommended to walk around the lake counterclockwise.

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Gasthof Huber

Braies di Dentro 6 - 39030 Braies
+39 0474 748670

Speckstube Eggerhof

S. Vito 5 - 39030 Braies
+39 0474 748784

Gasthof Dolomiten

Braies di Dentro 39 - 39030 Braies
+39 0474 748677

Gasthof Tuscherhof

Braies di Fuori 72 - 39030 Braies
+39 0474 748628


Braies di Dentro 31 - 39030 Braies
+39 0474 748653

Hotel Lago di Braies

S. Vito 27 - 39030 Braies
+39 0474 748602

Gasthof Steinerhof

San Vito 29 - 39030 Braies
+39 0474 748649


Braies di Dentro 15 - 39030 Braies
+39 0474 748671

Hotel Brückele

Braies di Fuori 4 - 39030 Braies
+39 0474 748613

FAQ Pragser Wildsee Lake

What you should know

From 11/09/2020 the traffic regulations are no longer in place, the Pragser Wildsee Lake can be visited at any time.

Yes, the Pragser Wildsee Lake can be visited at any time in winter. Please note that in winter there can be a considerable amount of snow on the Pragser Wildsee Lake and/or the lake can be frozen. The tour around the lake will be closed due to danger spots after the first major snowfalls and/or longer periods of cold weather.

Note: The Christmas market at Pragser Wildsee Lake will not be held this year.

The bus route 442 serves the Pragser Wildsee lake from Dobbiaco / Villabassa.
MOBILCARDS, prepaid cards and guest cards (e.g., the HolidayPass or Almencard) are valid on this route.


We recommend that you visit the lake before 9 am or after 3 pm.

There are car parks at the Pragser Wildsee lake and in Brückele/Ponticello. Fees apply.

Please note that parking spaces are limited. All car parks are pay-and-display.

Children up to the age of 6 years can access free of charge. Everyone aged 6 or above must pay the entry fee.

You may take your pets on public transport at the regular charge (as per regulation no. 760/2016, article 23). Dogs are required to wear a muzzle on all public transport and on the shuttle service.

Neither the public buses to Plätzwiese high plateau nor the shuttles to the Pragser Wildsee lake transport bicycles.

Yes, travel coaches can reach the Pragser Wildsee Lake at any time. There is only limited parking for travel coaches.

Paid public toilets are available at the car park by the lake (near the Pragser Wildsee Hotel).

For general information about the safety measures in South Tyrol, see: